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Meet Our Farmers


Terry Hudson is the founder of Hudson Farms, LLC.

In addition to the work on his own farm, Terry is also dedicated to teaching and mentoring young farmers. He has traveled extensively around West Virginia, sharing low-cost season extension expertise with emerging producers and community groups. He is a biodynamic farmer, who practices all-organic growing techniques, although he is not USDA Certified Organic.


Berea Gardens

Berea Gardens is dedicated to promoting the principles of health, diet and agriculture, founded by Bob and Lynnita Gregory. Bob’s perspective is shaped by more than 40 years of experience and teaching in agribusiness and organic farming practices. Lynnita worked as a critical care Regiatered Nurse for more than 25 years with an emphasis and understanding of nutritional issues and their health effects. They currently make their home in Minnora, West Virginia, where they teach and operate an organic market farm. Their experiences range from coast to coast in both North and South America.

Oak Grove Farm

 Oak Grove Farm is a family owned and operated agricultural operation located in Taylor County, West Virginia. Established in 1983, the farm has evolved into, primarily, a wholesale operation with an emphasis on blueberry, and dry bean production. Working closely with potential buyers throughout the growing season, Oak Grove Farms strive to provide quality produce that meets the standards required by the buyer.