Hudson Farm's CSA

"CSA" stands for "Community Supported Agriculture. Hudson Farm's CSA functions as a subscription program, bringing "shares" of local, organically-produced vegetables and farm products to consumers in the Charleston area. The majority of the produce is grown on Hudson Farms in Big Chimney, but additional items are sourced from other area producers, making this a multi-farm CSA. Members of this CSA can trust that everything they receive in their share was produced in an ethical and environmentally sound manner, utilizing organic production practices.

Here at Hudson Farm's CSA will verify that all producers we source from are adhering to these guidelines, ensuring that our members are receiving the safest and highest-quality food available!

In addition to the shares, members will receive e-updates containing news, information and recipes for cooking with the produce in their boxes.

The CSA season will run from May to October 2021. Members will receive a share of produce once a week throughout the season and are expected to commit to the entire season. Apply here today!

[Note: We do not require that our contributing farms be Certified Organic, as long as they are using organic growing practices. We rely on our relationships with our community of producers rather than the third-party verification systems to ensure that they are producing safely and sustainably.]