Our Partners

Hudson Farm's CSA has a great community of members and partners that help us successfully get our produce from our farms to your table! Thanks everyone!*

Partner organizations:

Starlings Coffee & Provisions

Take the success and delight of Bluegrass Kitchen and wrap it up in a scrumptious, sugary date bar and you’ve got Starlings Coffee & Provisions! Bluegrass Kitchen opened a bakery some time ago to accommodate for their latte loving patrons and to keep up with the demand of specialty homemade desserts for their restaurant.

Starlings is serving up small batch sweets & pastries. Organic tea & coffee drinks. Handmade organic bagels, english muffins, vegetarian soups, stromboli & sandwiches. Although they do hold bakery hours, they are open some evenings and offer specialty pizzas, wine & beer for a relaxed low-key experience.